White Collar Crimes and Criminal Defense

When most people think of crimes, they imagine theft, drug use, assault, and related crimes. Financial crimes, often known as white collar crimes, don’t involve an injured victim, drugs, or just stealing a few hundred dollars worth of products. They’re a different level of crime and mostly deal with theft of thousands or millions of dollars. Anyone accused of these crimes needs to seek help from an experienced lawyer immediately.

Examples of White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes are those involving financial transactions that are illegal. One recent example of this is a person who created a charity for his clients to pay into so they would look better in front of the judge when they went to court for DUI charges. Instead of giving money to a real charity, however, the creator of the charity was just adding the money to his bank account. This is considered fraud because he lied about where the money was going.

Another example, and one that’s fairly common, is embezzlement. Those in charge of the finances for a business put some of the business money into their own account instead of using it for the business. Instead of a cashier pocketing a couple hundred dollars from their drawer, it’s a person who has access to all of the finances for the business and who funnels hundreds of thousands or millions to their own account without authorization.

Legal Assistance is Crucial

A person is often accused of a white collar crime and arrested after a lengthy investigation by the police. This could include not only the local police but the FBI as well. During the investigation, the accused will want legal assistance to ensure they don’t inadvertently make the situation much worse and to start working on their defense in case charges are filed. Instead of waiting until after an arrest like most crimes, hiring a lawyer at the very beginning of the investigation could prove beneficial for the accused.

If you’ve been accused of a white collar crime, you cannot afford to try to handle this on your own. There will likely be a large investigation, and anything you say or do can be used against you. Instead, contact a Criminal Defense Lawyer who handles white collar crimes right away to ensure you get the right legal advice to help you with the criminal accusation and arrest.